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• 8/24/2016


How do we know Cosimas last name? I don't recall it being mentioned in the show, I only stumbled upon it when I was researching OB.
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• 8/28/2016
It's Niehaus
But I don't remember either
• 8/29/2016
In season 1 when Delphine was looking through Cosima's papers when Cosima went out to get Eskimo pies we saw Cosima's last name written on Cosima's notes. Also in Season 4 when Cosima was at Brightborn Susan Duncan mentions Cosima's last name to Evie Cho.
• 10/11/2016
susan duncan in season 4 also says her last name!!
• 12/6/2016
We ❤ cosima i dont know about u
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