Clone Phones are phones owned by all clones in Clone Club so they can keep in contact with each other without being traced. Every season the phones change due to various reasons. First it is changed because Felix is convinced that Sarah/Beth's pink phone was tapped by Dyad. The second time it changed was because Delphine had Sarah's number. Felix bought the second and third clone phones.

Season 1: Pink Nokia C2

In Season 1 the clones have Nokia C2's in pink cases. It is first seen in Episode 1 when Sarah steals Beth's bag and finds her two phones. In Episode 1 of Season 2, Sarah throws hers into water for security reasons.

Season 2: Green Nokia C2

In Season 2 after being convinced the pink phones were tapped. Felix gets rid of them and buys a fresh new set of phones and puts them in green cases. These phones last until Episode 2 of Season 3 until Felix gets rid of them because Delphine has their numbers.

Season 3: Blue iPhone 5C

In Season 3 after Felix finds out that Delphine has Sarah's number. He gets rid of the Green Nokia's and buys a set of blue iPhone 5C's for the clones, himself and Siobhan.

Season 4: Gold iPhone 5S

In Season 4, the new clone phones are now gold iPhones 5S, with purple cases.

Season 5: Silver iPhone 6S

In Season 5, the new clone phones are now iPhone 6S's, with red cases.