Clone Ira
Biographical information
Full name: Ira
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Neolution
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: White
Significant Other/s: Susan Duncan (lover)
Family: Susan Duncan (adoptive mother/lover)

Castor clones (brothers/genetic identicals)
Leda clones (genetic sisters)
Kendall Malone (sister/genetic template)
Kira Manning (genetic niece; via Sarah)
Siobhan Sadler (genetic niece; via Kendall)

Series information
Portrayed by: Ari Millen
Season/s: 4, 5
First appearance: "The Stigmata of Progress"
Latest appearance: "Manacled Slim Wrists"
Appearance count: 13

Ira is a self-aware male clone from project Castor. He was raised separately from his brothers by Susan Duncan and is portrayed by Ari Millen.



Not much is known about Ira's history. However, we do know that some time after the fire that was believed to have killed her, Susan Duncan adopted him and raised him as her own. Ira works very closely with Susan in her research, including finding treatments for himself and, more recently, for Charlotte Bowles.

Season 4


Season 4 appearances
The Collapse of Nature Transgressive Border Crossing The Stigmata of Progress From Indistinct to Rational Control Human Raw Material
The Scandal of Altruism The Antisocialism of Sex The Redesign of Natural Objects The Mitigation of Competition From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths
Season 5 appearances
The Few Who Dare Clutch of Greed Beneath Her Heart Let the Children and Childbearers Toil Ease For Idle Millionaires
Manacled Slim Wrists Gag or Throttle Guillotines Decide One Fettered Slave To Right the Wrongs of Many





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