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Biographical information
Birthdate: 2005
Status: Alive
Age: 7
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Other information
Nickname: Monkey (by Sarah and Felix)
Angel (by Helena)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brunette
Family: Sarah Manning (mother)
Mrs. S (foster mother)
Felix (foster uncle)
Series information
Portrayed By: Skyler Wexler
First Appearance: "Natural Selection"
Latest Appearance: "Unconscious Selection"

Kira is the young but estranged daughter of Sarah Manning.


Season 1

Ten months after leaving with Vic, Sarah finally returned home, hoping to be reunited with Kira. Mrs. S, though, has become very protective of her and wouldn't allow Sarah to regain custody of her.

For the fake memorial for Sarah, Vic invited Mrs. S and Kira. Sarah, who was watching from a distance, began to freak out upon the thought of Kira thinking she is dead, so she had Felix send them away. Fortunately, Mrs. S knew better than to tell Kira as even she was sure that Sarah was not dead.

When Felix visited them in "Instinct", Kira constantly asked about Sarah. She later eavesdrops during Felix's conversation with Mrs. S, and when Kira asked them when Sarah is coming, Mrs. S lets Kira repeat what she seems to have been telling her for so long: that Sarah will come "when she's ready", and when Mrs. S confirms this herself.

In "Effects of External Conditions", Mrs. S finally agreed to a meeting between Sarah and Kira. Unfortunately, Sarah could not make it during the time Mrs. S set, so she has Felix ask Alison to fill in for her. Although Alison successfully fooled Mrs. S, Kira knew from the beginning that she was not her mother. Kira maturely understood when Alison explained to her that Sarah could not make it because she was doing something "very brave" so that they could be together.

In "Conditions of Existence", after a deal Alison had made with Mrs. S the previous night, Sarah finally meets with Kira, and Kira recognized her immediately, reuniting happily with her mother with a big hug. As Sarah walked her home from school, Kira repeats what Alison told her the night before and asks Sarah if someone was trying to hurt them, but Sarah denies this. At the home of Mrs. S, Sarah was given the chance to spend more time with her.

In "Entangled Bank", Kira, curious about the woman outside their home who looked exactly like her mother, was lured outside by Helena, intending to bring her to Tomas. Touched by Kira's sweet words and embrace, Helena lets her go. As Kira ran across the street towards Sarah who was then waiting for her on the other side, Kira was hit by a car.

In "Unconscious Selection", Kira was rushed to the Hospital by an ambulance with Sarah and Mrs. S by her side. Once there, the doctors try to find the source of her injuries, and were not expecting her quick and miraculous recovery. She was soon sent home to recover.

In "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", has woken up. Minutes before the police arrive to arrest Sarah, Kira told Mrs. S that she thinks something bad was about to happen again. Later that night, she witnesses her mother's arrest. Upon her release, while Sarah was packing their things, Kira expressed her fear that Sarah would have to leave again when the police come. When Helena is discussed, she tells them that she does not believe that Helena is a monster.

That night, Sarah finally turned down Rachel's fake offer of safety. Sarah went home to Mrs. S', only to find that both Kira and Mrs. S have gone missing.

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