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Biographical information
Status: Deceased
Other information
Also known as: Olivier Duval
Gender: Male
Series information
Portrayed by: David Richmond-Peck
First appearance: "Conditions of Existence"
Latest appearance: Entangled Bank (physical)
The Collapse of Nature (flashback)
Appearance count: 3

Olivier Duval, born Kevin, was a mysterious man who appeared to  have been a part of the group that created the LEDA clones.

He is first introduced in "Conditions of Existence", when he visits Paul at his office to ask about Beth's condition, a day after their most recent examination of "her". He likes to remind Paul that his job as Monitor is to simply observe and to not interfer unless "it's critical."

He is transgenic, as he as a small pink tail that Helena cuts off.

In Entangled Bank, he was assassinated by an Asian doctor working for Aldous Leekie.

He appears in the largely flashback episode, The Collapse of Nature.

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