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Biographical information
Full name: Rachel Duncan
Status: Alive
Other information
Alias: Proclone (by Sarah)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Series information
Portrayed By: Tatiana Maslany
First Appearance: "Unconscious Selection"
Latest Appearance: "Endless Forms
Most Beautiful
Episode Count: 2

Rachel Duncan is another clone introduced in Orphan Black.

Unlike the others, though, Rachel grew up aware of who and what she is as she was, according to Amelia, "a child raised by Neolution" and is thereby dubbed as a "proclone" by Felix. Years into adulthood, she is still working with her creators and, upon discovering that some of her fellow clones have become self-aware, is even trying to get the other clones to work with them.

In "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", it can be speculated that she initiated a kidnapping attempt of Sarah's daughter, Kira, and their foster mother, Mrs. S if Sarah refused Neolutions offer. However, it is still unclear whether Mrs. S was part of the plan to abscond with Kira or if she pieced together the danger and ran with Kira leaving the Neolution associates to frustratedly ransack the house in a search for clues to their destination.

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