Stephen Riggs
Stephen Riggs
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Bank Manager
Other information
Gender: Male
Series information
Portrayed by: Jean-Michel Le Gal
Season/s: 1
Only appearance: "Natural Selection"
Appearance count: 1

Stephen Riggs was Beth's bank teller and the manager at CFID Financial's Southcentral branch in Toronto. He also seems to be good friends with Beth, with whom he bonds with over his charity runs.

In "Natural Selection", Sarah sees papers of Beth's financial transactions with him, with her recently opened account with $75,000 catching her eye. She sets an appointment with him and meets with him to discuss withdrawing from the account. Sarah then successfully tricks him into speeding up the process by leading him to believe that she will sponsor his next charity run. Sarah has also previously demagnetized Beth's card, so Stephen sets her up to a new one, making things easier for Sarah.

The next day, Sarah meets with him again. Stephen overhears Sarah speaking to Felix in her native accent over the phone and is surprised, but waved it off, nonetheless. After letting "Beth" sign on a paper, Stephen gives Sarah the money, and she leaves happily with the conned cash.


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