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Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Orphan Black. The live U.S. ratings for this episode were 0.613.[1]


Cosima takes a turn for the worst, forcing Sarah to take desperate action — with tragic consequences for those she loves. Rachel appoints Delphine as Dr. Leekie's replacement for director of clone research. Learning that Kira's bone marrow might save Cosima, Sarah asks Kira, who agrees to donate some. As Alison and Donnie work to bury Leekie in their garage, Vic returns to either blackmail her or discover new dirt for Angela. Suspecting that Angela's operation is not official, a newly assertive Donnie confronts Angela to chase them both away. Burying Leekie causes the couple to have a newfound passion and they have sex. Helena and Gracie are implanted with Helena's eggs fertilized with Henrik's sperm. After Helena comes to learn that Henrik intends to impregnate several other women with Helena's eggs, she helps Gracie and Mark run away while Helena kills Henrik and burns down the farm. Rachel, disillusioned at the prospect of not being able to have children, tricks Delphine into distracting Sarah while Rachel, posing as Sarah, abducts Kira. Proletheans set their ultimate plan into motion. Alison and Donnie tangle with the law.




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