Unconscious Selection is the ninth episode of the first season of Orphan Black.


After Kira's life is threatened, Sarah is on the warpath, but Dr. Leekie makes her think twice about her plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Cosima faces the truth about Delphine, forcing her to choose sides. Now, it’s up to Sarah to decide the killer’s fate, but the truth about where Sarah came from changes everything.


Kira turns out to be alright, a miracle as the doctors say. Tomas throws Helena into a cage, because she hasn't killed Sarah or Kira yet, nor gotten any information on the other clones. Sarah is meeting a lot of people--first Art, who she still won't reveal any information about the clones to, Dr. Leekie, Helena, and finally Amelia. She has a hard decision to make whether to save Helena and hide her or turn her to Dr. Leekie. With their birth mother Amelia, Sarah learns that Amelia was paid for in vitro surrogacy in London. After Amelia realized that the couple who paid for the surrogacy were actually conducting an experiment, she hid away to birth Sarah and Helena in secret. After they were born, Amelia gave away Sarah to the state and Helena to the church.

Meanwhile, the police uncover more data via Art. Right now, they know of three possible clones: Beth Childs, "Jane Doe" (Katja Obinger) and Sarah Manning. He watches the surveillance footage from the night "Sarah Manning" committed suicide and sees Beth jump in front of the train and Sarah there, watching. He has tried to keep all this secret from the Lieutenant Hardcastle, but Angie tells the lieutenant anyway, because it was "by the end of the day."



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All songs for the episodes have been verified by TuneFind(A reliable source)[1]

  • "Previously On" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Cosima Betrayed" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Helena's Melody" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Kira's Cue" by Trevor Yuile







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