Variations Under Domestication is the sixth episode of the first season of Orphan Black.


Sarah's hunt for answers is interrupted by a trip to the suburbs and Alison's paranoia has boiled over, putting all the orphans at risk. But when Sarah, Alison and Beth's worlds dangerously collide, Sarah must decide who to trust with her secret.


Waking up next to her husband the day after she placed a hidden camera in their room, Alison immediately watches the footage and sees that Donnie left in the middle of the night and did not come back until hours later, even after the memory card of the camera has ran out. Paranoid, Alison immediately confronts her husband about it. Donnie dismisses her accusations as he frantically prepares their house for the monthly potluck to be held in their home. In the heat of the moment, Alison hits Donnie with his golf club, knocking him unconscious.

At Paul's apartment, Paul and Sarah are discussing his position as Beth's monitor. Sarah leads Paul to believe that she is the twin sister of Beth, Paul tells her a bit about his past, particularly his military past. He then tells her that during his stint as a private contractor, he did something that an organization discovered and used as leverage against him. They blackmailed him into monitoring Beth, and he has been doing so for at least two years, no questions asked. He does tell her that her medical results go to Olivier, and that he was serious about running away to Rio with her. Both are still distrustful of each other. Pretending to shower, Sarah slips away.

Sarah promptly calls Cosima, who then tells her that she may have her own monitor dilemmas, referring to her new acquaintance, Delphine. Sarah tells Cosima to stay away from suspicious strangers.

Just then, Alison calls Sarah for help. She sends her children off to Aynsley's and pushes Donnie down into her crafts room in the basement, where she ties him up to continue questioning him. Alison begins "torturing" him with her glue gun and asks him direct questions about being her monitor and his secret box of files on her.

Cosima, still irritated after her phone conversation with Sarah, goes against her advice and approaches Delphine, who then invites her to attend Dr. Leekie's lecture on "Neolution". Elsewhere, Paul tracks Sarah. He calls her as he prepares for their "talk" by drugging a bottle of scotch at "their" place.

Alison's interrogation is cut short when Sarah arrives. She shows Sarah what she has done to Donnie, and Sarah is stunned at the level of Alison's paranoia. Suddenly, Alison's guests for their monthly potluck begin to arrive, further complicating the situation. Alison tries to have the potluck venue changed, but Aynsley insists that she will just help her with the party instead. Frantic, Alison begins drinking as she hosts the party while Sarah dresses up as her to continue grilling Donnie.

Sarah pretends to be Alison.

Sarah then calls Felix and asks him to bartend for Alison's potluck in Donnie's place.

Paul meets with Olivier to tell him that "Beth" has been acting strange, and that she seems to be back in her dark place. Olivier merely tells him not to interfere as it is a crisis that he simply needs to support her in. When Paul asks for security in case anything happens to their subject, Olivier says that as long as Beth makes her own choices, "there are no wrong decisions."

During Sarah's interrogation of Donnie, while she realizes that Donnie may in fact not be Alison's monitor, she also learns how bad Donnie treats her by the tone he uses on her. She calls him out and tells him to begin respecting Alison.

At Dr. Leekie's lecture, Cosima, remains skeptical regarding Leekie's fringe and radical ideas. After the lecture, while the pair debate the concept of Neolution, Delphine sees Leekie and approaches him. During the conversation, Leekie is made aware of Cosima's skepticism, being a Darwinist herself. Leekie, optimistic that Cosima would change her mind about Neolution, takes his leave. Cosima and Delphine then leave, taking two bottles of wine with them.

Felix finally arrives at Alison's home in Scarborough. Unbeknownst to him, Vic has broken into his apartment and, through the map program Felix left on his laptop, followed him, thinking he and Sarah were pulling a bigger con. Meanwhile, Alison has gotten drunk, and her gossipy neighbors are beginning to wonder where Donnie is. Aynsley suspects that she and Donnie are going through some problems again, much like her and her husband Chad. Felix then pulls Alison away, while Aynsley watches on in suspicion, snapping at her husband in the process.

In the basement, Sarah tries to console a drunk Alison as she tells him that Donnie is not her monitor; Donnie, who she has known since high school, who apparently couldn't possibly be her monitor. Drunk beyond decency, Alison drowses off, leaving Sarah to ponder and try to fix the situation. Outside, Paul is waiting in his car, watching Alison's house from afar.

Joining Felix upstairs, Felix tells Sarah that he thinks Alison's nosy neighbor Aynsley is Alison's real monitor. In an effort to distract her, the foster siblings tell her that Felix is Alison's acting coach.

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, it seems that Delphine and Cosima were briefly pursued for stealing the wine from the event. Cosima suggests continuing their crime spree by stealing bikes, but Delphine instead offers her a cigarette, which Cosima refuses because she only smokes pot. Delphine then bids her farewell, kissing Cosima on the cheeks, and the latter looks on wistfully.

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  • "Previously On" by Trevor Yuile



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